Friday 04/05/07

The news is dominated by the spoiled ballots scandal. The election results show a narrow victory for the SNP – by 1 seat. Return to the city with mrs B on the tourbus. We walk to the University, where we wait for 20 minutes before the bus arrives. Cold wind blows. Tourguide is faithfully reciting all the stops. I jump off at George Square to visit the Tourist Information Centre. Then look into the City Chambers, which is done out in magnificent marble. Have a look at Glasgow Cathedral and the People’s Palace. The latter has an exhibition on Glasgow life that I can’t do credit as I run out of time. The wintergardens are a large glasshouse containing (sub) tropical plants. The tourbus takes me back through the city, which is very busy with rush hour traffic. Tonight, we are invited for supper by one of K’s friends, S, in the Oran Mor on Great Western Road. The Oran Mor is a converted church, standing at the corner of Byres Road, which now operates as a pub and restaurant. It is very busy, and the sound of hundreds of talking people is deafening. Have soup, chilli con carne and banoffee pie. Also at the table are K’s girlfriend A, who hails from Rothesay in Bute; and S’s girlfriend, and mrs B. We leave at midnight.

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