Friday 11/05/07

One guest goes off on the 7.15 am ferry, after being out for pictures around Harris yesterday. The Dutch folk head off on the 10.30 bus to Ness to return late in the afternoon. It is bitterly cold today, although the mercury reaches 9C, actually warmer than yesterday. The sun does come out, which takes the edge off the cold. Nip out to Somerfields for some goodies on behalf of mrs B. Dinner is a medium curry with rice. Spend several hours transcribing pictures of the plaques at the Lewis War Memorial to an Excel file. More than 1,500 names of those fallen for King and Country between 1914 and 1919, and between 1939 and 1945. Have to enhance some of the pictures to render them legible on the screen, and transcription is not easy. The sun sets in a blaze of gold at 9.30, so I can’t resist nipping over the Coastguard Station to take some pictures.

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