Thursday 10/05/07

Today starts wet, initially windy, and cold. Tony Blair finally announces he will quit as prime minister on June 27th. A couple from Holland arrive on the ferry at lunchtime, with some fiendishly heavy luggage. They are disappointed in the weather, as they had expected sunshine. Send them to Callanish on the bus at 2.30, whilst the rain continues. Nip down to the shop for food and papers. A new edition of Back in the Day has come out, with another collection of old news from decades gone by. The Dutch couple return in early evening, and come to ask me for advice which I’m only too happy to give. They’ll probably be walking around Ness tomorrow. Bus service here is pretty good, but combining Ness and Westside is too much to ask. Continue to catch up with Internet activities, such as the uploading of pictures. Subtropical depression Andrea, the first of the Atlantic season, is stuttering around Florida.

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