Sunday 06/05/07

The weather has now broken, and the day starts with hail clattering against the windows. Sunny intervals also occur, but it has turned markedly cooler. We go for a walk along the River Kelvin to Kibble Palace and the Botanical Gardens. It is very green along the river banks. We pass the remains of a flintworks, which was used for making glass and china. A duck swims upriver with no fewer than 10 ducklings in tow. At the pedestrian bridge by Queen Margaret Drive, two squirrels approach, looking as if they might climb up our legs. Visit the Kibble Palace, which houses a variety of subtropical plants, as well as some carnivorous specimens. There are also marble statues. It was all restored last year, 2006. Also nip into the Botanical Gardens, with an exhibition of orchids. Stunning. After an icecream, it’s off back to Bank Street. We end up in a hefty rainshower. Some members of the island rugby team call round. At 7pm, we drive down the M8 motorway to Renfrew, to have dinner with K’s boss, SR and a few others. Starters are some fine mussels, followed by halibut, vegs and mashed potatoes. Very good. We return home at 11.30pm.

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