Wednesday 09/05/07

Bit of a funny day in terms of weather. Dark clouds loom to the north, and west , but there is no rain. A subtropical storm lashes the Atlantic, east of Floriday. Rise at 11, and get up to date with Internet activities. The PC needs updates on all major programs, such as Windows XP, Java, Quicktime and AVG. Mrs B’s bookings by email get sorted, and by evening everything seems to be back to normal. High winds over the weekend have burned the young leaves on the trees. F’s boys and their mates found themselves in the caravan at Reef, bothered by gales on Saturday. Ten people were in that caravan at one point. The shop is empty at 5pm. Come across D on return, and hear his latest tale of woe at the organisational incompetence of the local NHS. Dinner was a prawn, pasta and tomatosauce dish. Sunset tonight at 9.30pm. No winnings on the lottery.

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