Monday 14/05/07

The weather takes a turn for the worse, with heavy showers after midday. I find out that the 1886 Napier Commission Report is available on the Web. This historical document lay at the foundation of major landreforms from 1886 onwards. It encompasses 4,000 pages, interviews with hundreds of people from all parts of the north and west of Scotland. After Mrs B goes out for shopping, 3 new guests arrive – one is fast becoming a regular. He is a music tutor. Having printed out the transcript from the War Memorial, I sit in the library for two hours to match it with the Roll of Honour to find addresses. Manage a success rate of 70% for Point. Dinner is some of Saturday’s lasagne. Heard of a man whose plans to build a house in Lewis are in the bin, once he discovers what the view with windturbines looks like. The evening turns out sunny with cumulus clouds. Another tropical cyclone forms in the Bay of Bengal, to make straight for Bangladesh. The Regional centre in Delhi issues a warning over Akash, which will strike land as a category 1 hurricane. Spend the evening watching a performance of the Barber of Seville, a famous opera by Rossini, lasting nearly 3 hours.

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