Sunday 13/05/07

A late start, after which I continue to upload pictures. I also carry on transcribing the plaques at the War Memorial – strenuous on the eyes. Weather is sunny but not warm. Temperatures have risen slightly. Madeleine McCann, now aged 4, remains missing in the Portuguese Algarve, for the 10th day running. She was left alone in her parents’ holiday apartment, with two twin baby brothers. Her mum and dad went out for the night – to find her gone upon their return. An award of £2.5m has been sponsored by several public figures in the UK. No word of Madeleine. Neither of BBC man Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped in Gaza 8 weeks ago by an Al Qa’eda affiliated group. Supper is a very nice stew with rice. An American guest arrives, who has spent a few days in the islands. She knows the Scottish islands, and will leave on the early ferry to make for Dornie, near Kyle, to explore Kintail on foot.

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