Tuesday 01/05/07

More sunny weather. It gets light at 4 am, and the sun rises at 5.30 am. The last guests depart on the first ferry. Mrs B is travelling to Glasgow tomorrow, and I am joining her for the journey. Go down to Laxay in the afternoon to have a look in the local cemetery for graves associated with the Iolaire disaster of 1919. Travel on the 4pm bus to Tarbert, which doubles as a schoolbus. It pulls into Sgoil nan Loch at Cameron Terrace (Leurbost) to pick up more youngstgers, before heading south. Get off outside the Historical Society building at Laxay, and walk a quarter of a mile down the road, as I am uncertain about the location of the graveyard. Most sheep now have lambs at foot. Go up the steep access road to the cemetery, which lies draped over a hilltop, overlooking Loch Erisort, half a mile to the south. It’s a brilliantly sunny day, with the Lochs hills standing out bright and clear to the south. Find 3 more graves in the Old Laxay cemetery. I then go to the nearby fishfarm on the Laxay River to wait for the bus. I flag down a minibus – which is NOT the servicebus. The driver offers me a lift to Stornoway. During the evening, mrs B and myself prepare for the 10 hour trip to Glasgow tomorrow. Nip back into town at 8pm for an errand, with the air full of smoke.

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