Friday 18/05/07

A very windy day, with strong winds which gradually increase to galeforce. Heavy rain through the morning, which gives way to sunshine and very heavy showers. It is not very cold, about 12C. Our Australian guest is very worried at the prospect of crossing the Minch in a force 7. Our other guest, a man of 78, is off on the bus for a tour of the Westside. D calls in for a chat, and we have some salmon for lunch. It needs eating. I go into town at 1.50, as I booked the library scanner for 2pm. As I walk up the road, the ferry leaves its berth with its bowdoor not fully closed. The library very kindly allows me 2½ hours, which permits me to scan more than 600 portraits. By evening, some very heavy showers come barrelling through, and the wind reaches a crescendo. During a clearance, just after 8pm, I venture out to the Coastguard Station to take pictures of waves. It’s actually a great sight, but on leaving the seawall I do get a dousing from a playful wave. F’s kids are here to stay until Monday evening, whilst he himself travels down to Norwich to collect a new car.

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