Wednesday 16/05/07

Arose a bit earlier than normal, at 9 am. Had a panick when I tried to take a picture of the Alexander von Humboldt cruiseliner. I could not focus the camera. Went through the entire rigmarole of finding out repairs, arranging for it to go back to the shop where it was bought – only to discover that it was on a setting which did not allow me to zoom. Weather pretty wet and awful. One guest arrived on the midday ferry. Two others were already in the island and behaved as if they left their wits at home. How do you open a sliding door? Sit outside in your car, ring the house and ask for it to be opened. Next thing, I play the keyboard at 8.45pm, and they come down in their pyjamas to complain they cannot sleep. Cripes. Anyway, went to the library to process more of the 1,200 names. It is very busy there with people wanting to use the internet for free to research their genealogy. Trying to pinpoint a Donald Mcleod from Stornoway is a very tall order though. Mrs B prepares a very nice lamb roast for supper.

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