Saturday 05/05/07

The last few days were universally sunny, but today is cloudier. M and 4 of his 6 kids come to visit. T follows in their wake, and he is very excited at the prospect of a return to Stornoway. After a lunch of cheese on toast, K, mrs B and myself go in A’s wee car to return T to his flat in Drumchapel; not a nice area. He is very fond of gardening. We then make our way to Yoker to watch a shinty match. One of the teams is a Lewis 12, who play Glasgow Mid Argyll. The islanders are thrashed 6-0, but earn a useful encounter. M and partner plus his two youngest are also there. Planes fly low overhead to land at Glasgow airport across the river. We depart for the West End. Papers are bought in Byres Road, and some shopping is done in a huge Morrison’s store in Anniesland. The sun slowly disappears behind clouds and a cold wind blows. I buy batteries for K’s clocks as a birthday present. Supper, by 9.30pm, consists of a salmon starter, followed by pasta boscagnola. I download 62 Windows updates for K’s computer through the night, which takes 9 hours on a 46 kbps connection.

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