Thursday 17/05/07

The two horrible women bog off and the 5-nighter goes to Uig on the postbus. By the time his bus is due, 12 noon, the rain starts. Another guest turns up from Australia. He has been round the Westside, determined to take a better look than in 1989, when he had one look at Stornoway and hopped on the ferry. Finish the transcription project in the library, but book time for the scanner tomorrow, when I hope to have some pictures in. There is a steady drizzle when I leave the library at 4pm. Tonight’s supper is sweet and sour. Although there is a clearance around 7pm, it clouds over and the drizzle starts again at 9pm. Two tropical cyclones around: Yutu in the western Pacific and Pierre in the South Pacific, off Papua New Guinea.

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