Monday 30/04/07

The sunny weather continues unabated. It is not very warm, but you don’t really need that. Lorries rumble up and down to the Kielder, the coalboat, to discharge her cargo. She leaves during the evening. Jim, our guest, departs for Harris and points south. One new guest calls round to apologise for not being able to take up his booking due to a strike in the office. Two other guys do materialise after finishing their jobs. At 2.40 we go on the bus to the hospital to visit David, who is still awaiting a VQ-scan. It is warm in the ward. Meet up with David’s parents before I go forth on a walk round Laxdale. First to the monument to a Royal Visit in 1902, then up Laxdale Lane and round to the Cearns and the War Memorial. Sheep and their lambs quietly graze. I photograph the 23 plaques, which show the names of the Fallen in two World Wars. Finally, I make my way to the Waterwheel, the Golf Course and the town centre. No, I don’t need a coat today. Supper is a cook-in Spanish sauce with chicken.

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